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We’re thrilled to finally be launching a brand new digital home for our business. Welcome to the DG3 LEYCOL website.

New New New
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Design by Gunter Piekarski. Animation by Sayeed Islam.

Working once again with design studio Gunter Piekarski, the process has given us the unique opportunity to reinvent ourselves as a business.

Creating the new website has been a great adventure for us. The GP team guided us through an in-depth website strategy process, which helped us to realign our core values and set some long-term ideals for the site. It was hugely important to us that the new website helped us reassert our position as creative printers of award-winning work.

This is immediately evident from the moment you arrive on the homepage. It has been cleverly designed as a digital billboard for self-promotion. Presently, it hosts our STACKS launch campaign, but in future, can be used for any other in-house or collaborative creative campaigns.

The site has two main areas. Printworks collects together all the different aspects of our work as printers accrued over 30+ years in service. It is intended to give visitors a snapshot of our services, equipment and the types of clients we work with. The section name is a play on ‘printing works’ and intentionally draws attention to the craftsmanship at the heart of printing.

In the About section, we feature some background information about DG3 LEYCOL, from key milestones to lesser-known facts and figures. As printers in the 21st century, we also highlight everything we’re doing to safeguard the environment, from upholding accreditations to meeting sustainability goals.

Insight is our new content hub, where we’ll be sharing relevant pieces about new projects, the team and printing more generally. The site also has an updated Contact section that makes it easy for prospective clients to get in touch with us to discuss their project or request a quote.

From a visual perspective, the new site has been designed to feel contemporary and in-line with the design principles we most admire. It follows the same grid-based system defined in the brand identity, which produces an elegant editorial layout with smaller paragraphs offset by large, statement headlines. The monochrome palette of the brand identity has been carried across, and provides a striking contrast reminiscent of black-and-white print at its starkest.

The overall result is a brilliantly designed website full of insightful content that is a real pleasure to browse. We hope you enjoy browsing it as much as we've enjoying creating it.

If you have any thoughts or feedback about the new website or anything else, we'd love to hear from you. Get in touch.

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Gunter Piekarski