A deeper dive into the brand identity refresh project that we’ve undertaken with design studio and long-term collaborators Gunter Piekarski.

Introducing DG3 LEYCOL
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Design by Gunter Piekaski. Animation by Sayeed Islam.

After being known as Leycol since our foundation, we’ve made the decision to update our name to DG3 LEYCOL to reflect the merger and ongoing partnership with DG3. The revised identity draws upon our ethos, scale and heritage as printers, also highlighted by our new strapline: Professional Printers since 1974.

The hero of the new identity is the revised logotype. Set in Neue Haas Grotesk chosen for its characteristically tight spacing and historical significance to printing, the logotype functions doubly as a statement piece and as a scalable imprint across all of our touch points.

In addition to the logotype and iconic monochrome colour scheme is the defining ‘stacked L’ mark, which exists in isolation from the logotype. It is applied as a secondary graphic across different assets, including the new suite of brand stationery and, in animated form, on the website. A precise grid system props up the design and achieves balance between all the elements. All of our new stationery, from business cards to comp slips, is printed digitally on a selection of fine black and off-white paper stocks supplied by Fedrigoni.

While our main locations are in the UK, we’ll be expanding our New York operations further via our New Jersey office in the years ahead. To draw attention to our growing transatlantic operations, we developed the accompanying LDN–NYC mark: two interlocking chain rings incorporating the city names of London and New York. This is now a central component of the updated identity and a symbolic reminder for new and existing clients.⁣

With our business facing new challenges due to the changing shape of our industry, we felt it was the right time to reintroduce some clarity and coherence to our brand, bringing it closer in line with our aspirations for the future. The refreshed identity is a bold restatement of who we are as an organisation and of our ongoing love of professional and creative print.

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Gunter Piekarski


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