To coincide with the launch of our new website, we've created a bespoke collection of five iconic cards that focus on different aspects of our work. As well as existing digitally, we have also produced a set of limited-run printed cards.

All stacked up and ready to go!
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In creating a launch campaign to promote the new website, we wanted to find a way to effectively showcase the things we’re most proud of: the quality of our print, our excellent customer service, our work across the pond, our investment in technology and its unique capabilities.

In the first instance, we wanted these ideas to live on the website, so we worked with Gunter Piekarski on designing a series advertising-style animated posters that could sit on our homepage. We then carried across these designs in print, using different techniques and finishes to bring them to life. The individual STACKS cards are expertly produced by our team and will be mailed to clients as proof of our work. Each card uniquely reflects its own theme through a combination of words, design and print.

DLS001. Stacking up over 30 years of skills and expertise
DLS002. Putting the silver on service

DLS001 re-visions our iconic logomark as an actual stack of coloured paper stock, drawing attention to the craftsmanship that goes into all of our work.

DLS002, printed in silver ink on a white stock using our HP Indigo digital printer, is a literal play on silver service.

DLS003. Printing in colour and in color
DLS004. Innovation and cutting-edge print technology

Cultural differences between the UK and US is the theme of DLS003 – a fun way of highlighting our ongoing relationship with our clients in North America.

A guillotined edge in DLS004 represents our ongoing investment in cutting-edge print technology.

DLS005. From small to big and everything in between

And finally, DLS005 draws attention to our B2 print capability using a Russian doll-style puzzle layout.

If you’d like to receive our first set of STACKS cards, please contact us. We’d love to send them to you.

Design & Words

Gunter Piekarski